Coll de la Botella

Grill del Coll and Bistrot

Two spaces with the same menu. Unique cuisine in the high mountains. Coll de la Botella its renowned for the amazing quality of its rice dishes, which are made to order using carefully selected ingredients. 

There are plenty of other dishes to choose from, with the stone-cooked meats being a favourite among customers and an extensive wine list and KM 0 Andorran products such as cold meats, cheeses, etc.

Restaurant Starlight

Coll de la Botella also offers dinners and star-gazing experiences in a location that boasts night sky of the highest quality. These experiences usually take place on nights when there is a full moon. 


To bear in mind...

Location: Pal – Coll de la Botella

Access: Either by driving to Coll de la Botella or by skiing. 

Opening winter season: From 10 am to 5 pm.

Opening summer season: From June 22nd to September 8th, from 12 am to 4 pm.

Type of cuisine: Andorran products, rice dishes and stone-grilled meats.

Phone: +376 878 222

Other services: Options for allergies and intolerances.