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Environment and sustainability

Pal Arinsal is committed to sustainable development and is working to achieve a balance between its objectives and improving the three fundamental pillars of development: social, economic and environmental. It is of vital importance that in so doing it acts in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To this end, the impact of the sporting events organised by the resort on the SDGs has been analysed and a series of actions have been defined to improve the indicators and mitigate any negative effects they may have. The company demonstrates its commitment to the environment in which it operates through ISO 14001:2015 certification, which has been in place in all departments and at all events since 2004.

Parc solar Pal Arinsal

Environmental commitments

The resort is committed to complying with the legal requirements applicable to its activities and to reducing the adverse environmental impacts caused by our activity, within the framework of respect for and protection of the natural environment.

The resort determinedly seeks to improve in environmental aspects, prioritising energy efficiency and preventing any pollution that may result from its activities. This policy is not only aimed at continuous internal improvement, but will also be deployed to raise awareness among customers and users of the importance of separate waste collection and respect for the environment.

EMAP SAU also undertakes to follow the guidelines established by the Government of Andorra in relation to the environment, thus reinforcing its contribution to the region’s sustainable development.

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Sustainable development

Pal Arinsal is committed to the targets in the 2030 Agenda and has implemented various sustainable development goals.

  • Calculation of the carbon footprint at events and in the resort’s activity.
  • Use of renewable energy through the installation of solar panels and other energy sources.
  • Responsible consumption • Placement of water fountains at large events, avoiding the consumption of single-use products.
  • Promotion of equality in the workplace.
  • Continuous training for employees and collaborators.

More than 30% of the resort’s energy is generated sustainably.

Currently, 33% comes from renewable energy sources at Cubil solar farm. Our goal is to exceed this percentage of renewable energy. The resort aims to drastically reduce emissions from electricity consumption.

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Natural environment and biodiversity

  • Separate collection of the waste generated
  • Collection points in the busiest areas enhanced through waste and plastic and paper containers
  • Signposting of routes that are less invasive for the environment
  • Radical reduction in the use of plastic signage
  • Tracking the condition of routes
  • Cleaning of the entire event area, once the event is over
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Quality policy

The Pal Arinsal ski resort seeks to offer quality, proactive and local customer service, thus anticipating customers’ needs. This human and personal approach is one of the resort's outstanding values.

The resort values promotion of its adaptation to the principles of respect, protection and improvement of the systems in place, in order to continue improving the products and services provided.

Finally, Pal Arinsal aims to promote the participation and involvement of internal and external stakeholders in all activities organised by the resort, thus increasing the efficiency of equipment and resources.