Snowplus hivern Pal Arinsal

Winter Snowplus

Snowplus is one of the country’s top ski clubs. With an on-site children’s club where your little ones are the centre of attention, this is the perfect club for learning to snow sports, whether you’re just starting out or perfecting your technique. 

This seasonal ski school takes competition out of the equation so that you can develop the confidence and skill needed through positive experiences and interaction with other learners. 


Snowplus hivern Pal

What is Snowplus?

Classes focus on developing personal values such as self-improvement, self-esteem, willpower and self-respect, while also teaching you to treat others and the resort’s natural surroundings with respect too. 

One of the focal points of Snowplus is the quality of its instructors, who are qualified to teach by EFPEM (the official Andorran school for sports and mountain professionals), and their incredibly friendly, educational and respectful attitude towards children and parents alike. Years of experience, a gift for teaching and profound technical knowledge turn our instructors into a guarantee of our club's quality. 

Snowplus is perfect for children and adults too, whether they are putting on skis for the very first time (adaptation) or looking to perfect their skills. Groups are adapted to the participants’ level and character. Children, youngsters and adults. Private and group classes.

2023-2024 prices



15/09 to 29/10


from 30/10 

Snowplus Master 14From 18 years old, ideal parents495 €535 €View Calendar 
Snowplus Sport 16Born between 2017-2006705 €745 €View Calendar 
Snowplus Sport 36Born between 2017-20061690 €1750 €View Calendar 
Snowplus Kids 14From 3.5 to 6 years, born between 2020 and 2018705 €745 €View Calendar 
Snowplus Kids 34From 3.5 to 6 years, born between 2020 and 20181690 €1750 €View Calendar 
Snowplus Actiu 13From 6 to 12 years, born between 2017 and 2011410 € 440 €View Calendar 
Snowplus Snowboard 13Beginners from 8 years old410 € 440 €View Calendar 
Snowplus Snowboard 16From 8 years old705 €745 €View Calendar 
Snowplus week Sport 5 255 € 255 €View Calendar 
Snowplus Kids 5From 3.5 to 6 years255 € 255 €View Calendar 
Uniform 475 €  
Freeride Pal Arinsal

Snowplus Freeride

If you’re a skilled skier and looking to start out in the world of freeriding, then the Freeride Center is for you. A unique experience, packed with thrills and excitement, enjoying what you like the best, being out in the mountains, in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our team of monitors is ready to guide you every step of way, helping you master the techniques to conquer challenging terrain and take your skills to the next level, while always fostering a culture of mountain safety and awareness, to enjoy the thrill of freeriding without harm.

The Freelance Center classes are also an opportunity to discover different the different areas in Grandvalira Resorts, as the setting will change depending on snow conditions in each sector.

2023-2024 freeride prices



15/09 to 29/10


from 30/10

Freeride Center32 days995 €1045 €View Calendar 
Freeride Center6 hours255 €255 €View Calendar