Remontes de Pal Arinsal

Pal Arinsal ski lifts

Pal Arinsal has a total of 32 ski lifts that are capable of transporting up to 38,480 skiers an hour. These ski lifts allow you to access any point of the Pal and Arinsal sectors and, most importantly, Coll de la Botella. 

There are a number of different options available to you: gondolas, chair lifts, T-bar lifts and magic carpets and cable cars. Find out more about the different ski lifts available during the winter and summer. 

During the winter there are four access points; the one you’ll need depends on where you are starting from.


Telecabina de la Massana

La Massana gondola

Located in the heart of La Massana village and only 6 km from the center of the country, the La Massana gondola lift is the easiest means of transport and access to the Pal sector. The lift has been in the village of La Massana since 2004 and is open nearly all year round.

In winter it provides access to the ski resort, while in summer the gondola is set up to carry bicycles up to the Bike Park. Each cabin can take six passengers and offers unique views of La Massana. It has an elevation gain of 675 meters and covers a total distance of 2,250 meters.

Telecabina d'Arinsal

Arinsal gondola - Els Orriols

In the centre of the village of Arinsal and next to most of the hotels is the Arinsal gondola, a lift up to the Arinsal sector and its ski slopes. 

This gondola was opened in 1997 and is an essential lift in the sector, providing quick and easy access to the slopes.

For more information about opening times and dates during the summer months, please contact the tourist office directly.

Telecadira Josep Serra Arinsal

Josep Serra to Arinsal chairlift

The Josep Serra chairlift is a traditional chairlift in the Arinsal sector. Located near the hotels and accommodation, this was the first chairlift to provide access to the resort in 1973. 

Over the years, it was changed and modernised to become the current Josep Serra chairlift, named in honour of the founder of the Arinsal resort. This chairlift provides direct access to Comallemple and the resort's services.

Teleférico Arinsal Pal

Pal Arinsal cable car

One of the busiest lifts in Pal Arinsal. The cable car, with a capacity for more than 50 people, was inaugurated in 2001, to allow resort customers to change sectors easily. 

The cable car is located at Coll de la Botella in Pal and Port Negre in Arinsal and can be reached by ski or road. This cable car is panoramic and offers unique views of the Cabús and Setúria passes. 

During the winter, this cable car allows you to continue skiing in the Pal or Arinsal sector and enjoy a unique landscape.