Children Summer Activities

Children Summer Activities

In Vallnord Mountain Park la Massana you will find a large number of activities for the little ones of your the house. Adventure, nature and lots of fun. Encourage them! Age ranges from 6 to 15 years.

Peke Park

A thematic area in which you will find structures, inflatables and bungee trampolines. Slides, bridges, climbing walls, ball pools, etc. An ideal place to develop skills, practice jumps and do somersaults outdoors. Lower part of 'El Planell', Pla de la Caubella, Pal.

Miniature train

A locomotive with individual and double seats which guides the little ones around an oval-shaped circuit and turns in a clockwise direction. Activity under the control and guidance of a specialised monitor. Plaça del Pla de la Caubella, Pal.


A bungee trampoline with a rubber structure that regulates the descent and allows progressive braking between bounces. An activity that introduces children to the feeling of flying and enables them to perform somersaults in complete safety. Plaça del Pla de la Caubella, Pal.


Slide, turn, scream, laugh and do it again! Do you like descents? You’ll love tubbing. As a leisure activity which you can enjoy alone or accompanied descents on a doughnut-shaped float. Pla de la Caubella, Pal.

Kids Zip

30 metres of descent during which children can slide along a cable on a curved route at a maximum height of six metres above the ground. The activity includes safety measures such as the presence of instructors who supervise the children at the start and finish and the mandatory use of a harness. Pla de la Caubella, Pal.

Kids pedal kart circuit

An area designed for children to experience control and the sensation of driving a vehicle from an early age. Vehicles with pedals that circulate under the supervision of an instructor within a confined space. Hit the gas! Pla de Caubella car park, Pal.

Find your way our of the maze

Find the exit from an area with puzzling paths forming an ingenious modular structure 15x15 metres in size. A challenge of skill and orientation for both adults and children. The maze is open to children under the age of 5 if they are accompanied by an adult. The square in Pla de la Caubella, Pal.

Orienteering circuits

Circuits with no limits regarding age or physical fitness. They enhance orienteering abilities and interaction with the environment. The ultimate goal is to find the landmarks located along the itinerary with the aid of a map. Three routes with 18 landmarks. 2 circuits with mid-high difficulty, 1 circuit with low difficulty. Pla de la Caubella, Pal

Rope park

A circuit with various levels of difficulty. Physical fitness tests adapted to children and adults. Zip wire, Tibetan bridges, balance bridges, ladders and nets, among other activities. In the forest divided by the 'Serra I' chairlift in 'El Planell', Pla de la Caubella, Pal.

Frisbee Golf

An activity that is played with a frisbee. The goals are chains of baskets, located in natural settings which represent obstacles in the field. The ultimate objective of the game is to throw the frisbee from basket to basket with the smallest possible number of throws. In Coll de la Botella.

Big Zip tandem

Slide with a pulley and a harness along a cable from the upper part of 'El Planell' to the 'Pump Track' in Pla de la Caubella in Pal, with a 338-metre-long descent and a 28-metre drop. A very popular activity supervised by instructors at the start and finish. For children and adults or both together in tandem.