Snow activities for children

Snow activities for children

In Vallnord-Pal Arinsal you’ll find lots of exciting activities to attract the youngest members of the family. Let them enjoy the snow in different ways. Age range 6 to 15 years.

Rope Park

1 circuit per turn. The use of helmet, harness, clothing and seasonal appropriate footwear is mandatory. Three circuits with tests of physical ability. Circuit 'S': From 4 to 11 years old; Circuits 'M' and 'L': Minimum height: 135 cm. Once the circuit ticket has been purchased, if the child then doesn't wish to complete the circuit alone, parents will be required to buy a ticket in order to accompany the child on the circuit. Combination of 2 circuits: Valid for anyone over 135 cm in height.

Tylorean Zipline, Donuts and SnowSnakes

Piste specially equipped with a magic carpet (human conveyor belt) and snow cannons. This activity is without supervision and is therefore under the sole discretion and responsibility of the individual user. Arinsal Sector, limited capacity and iall activities are permitted at the discretion of the Head of the Track. SnowSnakes: Group downhill sleigh. Minimum 4 people. Only available for groups.

Orienteering Circuits

Challenge your navigational skills. The ultimate goal is to find the milestones located along the itinerary using your navigation skills and with the aid of a map. Medium-high and low difficulty circuits, with no age limits or physical condition restrictions. 6-way tours.

Children's snowmobile circuit

Closed-circuit with vehicles specially adapted for children from 5 to 12 years. For safety reasons this activity is limited to children with physical and / or cognitive capabilities appropriate for the circuit. This activity operates at the discretion of the supervising monitor for the circuit.

Tandem Tyrolean BIG ZIP line

Tyrolean zip line for adults and adults plus a child. Children must make the descent accompanied by an adult and must comply with the weight and height restrictions. Minimum individual weight: 40 kg. Minimum weight 2 pax: 120 kg. Individual maximum weight: 100 kg. Minimum individual height: 150cm

Snow Plough

All participants must arrive equipped with warm clothes, gloves, and appropriate shoes ready to step straight on to the snow. Prior booking required. A pass is not required for this activity.

Children's Tyrolean with ropes

Tyrolean for children of 3 to 11 years. Maximum weight: 50 kg.


Snow Snake consists of joining several individual snow sleds together and creating an articulated snake before heading downhill together for a fun-filled group descent. Only available for groups. Minimum of 4 people.

Panoramic helicopter flight

Children must be accompanied by at least one adult