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Mountain Park Access

Located in the Pal sector of  Pal Arinsal station, the Mountain Park of La Massana, is the ideal place for summer adventure activities. Whether solo, in pairs, groups or in families, there is an experience for everyone. Options include skill challenges, sports circuits, motor trips, walks, idyllic settings and great cuisine in a unique environment. It’s full of possibilities and accessible to users of various ages and physical abilities.

Distributed between the Pla de la Caubella and the Coll de la Botella, activities are designed to motivate and engage young visitors with the experiences the mountain can offer, and to guarantee that those who travel in groups, explore nature, or want to enjoy sporting experiences can do so easily and in comfort by accomodating their needs.


Rate with gondola pass Rate without gondola pass
Basic Pass (from 3 years old)21,50 €//
Mountain Adult (12-64 years old)38,00 €28,00 €
Mountain Peke (3-11 years old) 30,00 €20,00 €
Mountain Senior (+65 years old) 30,00 €20,00 €

Buy Mountain Park Pass

The Mountain Pass without gondola lift must be purchased directly at Pal ticket offices

Other products Mountain Park

Rate Buy
Basic Pass (From 3 years)21,50 € Buy Basic PassComprar Basic Pass
Buggies (30 minutes) 55,00 €Buy Buggies

General Conditions

Mountain Park

Mountain Park Peke (3 to 11 years)

  • La Massana’s Gondola
  • Peke Park
  • Jump
  • Trenet
  • Tubbing (5)
  • Kid’s Zip
  • Kàrting Pedals
  • Parc de Cordes (1 itinerary)
  • Big Airbag
  • Tir amb Arc*

Mountain Baby (0-2 years)

  • Free.
  • Children born in 2020 or later are considered “Baby”.
  • Direct sale at ticket offices. Mandatory supporting document.

Mountain Park Adult / Senior (from 11 years)

  • La Massana’s Gondola
  • Big Airbag
  • Tubbing
  • Parc de Cordes (1)
  • Tir amb Arc
  • Karting (1 serie of 7 minuts)

Basic Pass

The available sectors are:

  •  Canillo’s gondola lift: 1 ascent and 1 descent in consecutive days.
  •  Soldeu’s gondola lift: 1 ascent and 1 descent in consecutive days.
  •  La Massana’s gondola lift: 1 ascent and 1 descent in consecutive days.

Basic Pass Baby (0-2 years): children born in 2021 or later. On sale directly at the ticket office. Accreditation document required. Free access with Andorra Pass and Nord Pass 2022-2023.

Detalls entrada Mountain Park

Entrada Mountain Park Peke Park(Il·limitat)0-11 anys
Jump5 minuts3-11 anys
Trenet2 viatges1,5 a 4 anys
Tubbing5 baixades+ 8 anys
Kid's Zip1 baixada3-11 anys (max 50 kg)
Cotxe Pedals5 voltes3-8 anys
Parc de Cordes1 recorregut4-11 anys
Big Airbag1 baixadaMín 7 anys
Tir amb Arc15 fletxesMín 8 anys
Kàrting elèctric1 sèrie de 7 minutsaltura infant: 1,20 m / adult: 1,40 m
Suplement Entrada Mountain Park 1 baixada1,50 m i 40 kg mínim
1 baixada1 adult + 1 nene: pes en conjunt mínim 80 kg i màxim 130 kg.

Un summer full of adventure in Pal Arinsal!